IE Talker : Help Topics

Watch How to use IE Talker Software form the Link below.


The given below paragraphs will guide you on how to configure IE Talker form Toolbar and play the web page contents.

How to enable IE Talker Toolbar

Enablining IE Talker toolbar is easy.. Just right click on the main IE Toolbar area. You can see the IETalkerCtrl menu as shown in the figure below. Just click on the menu to enable or disable the IE Talker toolbar.


Main IE Talker Toolbar

IE Talker Main Toolbar

The toolbar includes IE Talker home page, Play, Stop ,Settings , Register, Help and About Box buttons.

IE Talker

This button will guide you to navigate to the main IE Talker web site.



This tool will help you to paly the selected web page depending upon the configuration in the settings dialog. There are different modes of playing the web page. Play, Play Highlighted, Save to WAV. Each mode is arranged in  different sub menus. Play Highlighted will hep you to play only the highlighted text. Save to WAV will help you to save the web contents as a sound wave file. 



This button will help you to stop the current operation like playing the selected web page contents, web site navigation. 



This tool will invoke the settings screen which will enable you to configure the settings of IE Talker. Settings includes Web contents settings page as well as Text To Speech Settings page.

Web Page Settings Page

Web Page Settings Screen

Text To Speech Settings Page

Text To Speech Settings Screen



This tool will navigate to this IE Talker Help Topics web page.  



This tool will invoke the register dialog box which will enable you to register IE Talker. This will make the product fully functional without any delay in speaking out the selected web page as well as access to fully controll the error page navigation. Purchase IE Talker form the product web site or the company web site and enter the registration details and register the product. 

Register IE Talker

Registration Screen



This tool will invoke the About dialog box. About dialog box will display the relevant details like version number , build number , copyright etc.

 About IE Talker

About IE Talker Dialog


Main Features

» Easy to use IE Talker Toolbar.

» Very useful for persons with vision problems.

» Option to Play Highlighted Web page contents.

» Option to Save web page contents as wave file.

» Different types of Male / Female voices to play the web page.

» Options to adjust speed, volume, Format of sounds etc.

» Free 25 Day Trial Version Download available.

» Affordable price (15 USD Only).