IE Talker :IE Web Page Reader Software

IE Talker is a small inexpensive Internet Explorer add-on software, that enables the user to hear the contents of a web page aloud through the speaker or headphones. 


This software will be an indispensible tool for persons who are having difficulty in reading the web page contents in browser.


This package is very easy to use. Just Download IE Talker setup, install it, enable IE Talker toolbar, click on the play button to play the web page.


It has mainly three modes for reading. Read entire web page contents, read highlighted web page contents, read contents from selected HTML frames.


Main Features:

1.   Very simple and easy to use
2.   Different modes for reading, like pay, play highlighted, Save as wave file etc.
3.   Different types of Male / Female voices to play the web page.  
4.   Options to adjust speed, volume, Format of sounds etc.

Watch How to use IE Talker Software form the youtube Link below.


Download 25 - day fully functional trial version of the IE Talker software . After trial period , the addon software will work with a delay (15 Sec) in playing the web page contents.

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Main Features

» Easy to use IE Talker Toolbar.

» Very useful for persons with vision problems.

» Option to Play Highlighted Web page contents.

» Option to Save web page contents as wave file.

» Different types of Male / Female voices to play the web page.

» Options to adjust speed, volume, Format of sounds etc.

» Free 25 Day Trial Version Download available.

» Affordable price (15 USD Only).