How IE Talker helps the persons who are having vision problems?


In this world, at least 60% people are having some sort of vision related problems. These vision problems might be hereditary or might be because of aging or some other factors. IE Talker can easily assist these persons who are having difficulty in reading the web page contents due to vision related problems.

With its careful well thought about design and its simplicity in the user interface, this can easily help a person to read the entire web page or read the selected portion of web page or selected frames in a web page. It can even assist a person who is fully blind by saving the web page content as a wave file for him to hear the contents of the web page at his own convenient place through PC speakers, audio player, mobile phones, etc.

Also in some web pages because of the page layout design, the font size will be very small. In that case it will be very difficult for the visually impaired persons (or for a normal person for that matter) to read the text even with high power glasses. IE Talker can play a very handy role here in assisting these sort of scenarios. Just highlight the portion of the web page content which needs to speak out and click on the Play button. It will read the contents aloud as per your directions. 

IE Talker can further help you to change the sound modulation based on user preferences by using its adjustable parameters like different male / female voice, volume, speed, sound quality etc.

In Short: IE Talker will be an indispensible tool for persons who are having difficulty in reading the web page contents in browser.

Main Features

» Easy to use IE Talker Toolbar.

» Very useful for persons with vision problems.

» Option to Play Highlighted Web page contents.

» Option to Save web page contents as wave file.

» Different types of Male / Female voices to play the web page.

» Options to adjust speed, volume, Format of sounds etc.

» Free 25 Day Trial Version Download available.

» Affordable price (15 USD Only).